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Rotational Moulding Design Flexibility

Rotational Moulding, or Rotomoulding, can accommodate both simple and complex product shapes, from small components and bottles to large sizes, including tanks and street furniture.
It’s ideal for enclosed hollow products such as tanks (we produce many hydraulic, fuel and fluid tanks for vehicle and construction equipment manufacturers). Rotational Moulding also excels in multi-wall applications, allowing rigid covers, cowls, hatches and lids to be formed with different internal and external forms.
A product designer is limited only by their own imagination. Rotomoulding can accommodate logos, inserts, recesses, bosses, spouts and much more to fulfil demanding design and engineering briefs. From the aesthetic perspective, designers are freed from the restraints of regular surface geometry to create more appealing products.
side-imgFurther added-value can be created for complex products through CNC finishing techniques. Surface finishes and textures can be specified and a full range of colours used to further enhance the design. Once the tooling is made, all these benefits, features and enhancements come with no addition to the moulded part cost.

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