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Features and Benefits that can be Rotationally Moulded in to your next design

Rotational Moulding is an exceptionally flexible and cost-effective method of creating thermoplastic products and components.

You may be considering switching to plastics from metal or glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), or choosing Rotational Moulding over injection, blow or vacuum forming.

Whatever the scenario, the following design tips will help you make the most of the exciting opportunities that Rotational Moulding can offer.

Features and Benefits that can be Rotationaly Moulded in to your next Design

  • What Wall Thickness for rotational moulding ?
  • What Radius should comers be (internal and external) ?
  • Do I need a Taper or Draft Angle on a rotational moulding ?
  • What kind of Tolerance on rotational moulding ?
  • What Materials for rotational moulding ?

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