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The Rotational Moulding Process

We are experts in the Rotational Moulding process (aka Rotomoulding or Rotomolding). We can help you through every step of the process from design advice through to delivery of completed products. Rotomoulding is an exceptionally flexible and cost-effective method for creating thermoplastic products and with Amber Plastics it’s easy.
The Rotational Moulding process forms a hollow shell of plastic within a moulding tool. The basics are simple. First, a measured amount of plastic powder is put in the tool, then it’s heated and rotated so the plastic melts and coats the inside of the mould. The mould is then cooled and taken apart, and the moulding is complete.

Rotational Moulding Expertise

The basics of Rotational Moulding are simple, but to get a complex finished product of the specified wall thickness, complete with metal inserts for various fittings and finished to a high standard, takes the expertise of a company like Amber Plastics.

Understanding the Process

You may be considering switching to plastics from metal or glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), or choosing Rotomoulding over injection, blow or vacuum forming. Whatever the scenario, understanding the process will help you make the most of the exciting opportunities that Rotational Moulding can offer.

We welcome all serious enquiries and requests for more details. We look forward to helping you on your next project development.

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