Rotational Moulded: water tanks, fuel tanks, oil tanks, hydraulic tanks, waste tanks and chemical tanks

Tanks ranging in capacity from 2 litres (0.44 Gallons) to 138 litres (30.36 Gallons) rotational moulded in durable, tough plastics. These plastic rotational moulded tanks are suitable for a wide range of applications including:

Water tanks for fresh (potable/drinking) water.

Uses for caravans, motor homes, boats, mobile /portable facilities units, site cabins, site welfare units etc.

Waste water tanks.

For containment of waste water and other waste fluids prior to disposal or discharge. Uses for caravans, motor homes, boats, mobile/portable facilities units, site cabins, processing units etc.

Fuel Tanks.

For common fuels, petrol, diesel and Bio fuels including WVO, Veg Oil. Extended and long run fuel tanks.

Oil and Hydraulic Fluid Tanks.

For static or Mobile applications where a top up, reservoir or reserve tank is needed.

For Chemical Processing and Treatment applications.

For batch processing and dispensing of chemical additives etc. Many of these plastic tanks where initially developed for Construction Equipment, Leisure and Mobile applications where zero maintenance, reliable and corrosion free tanks are essential.

If the tank for you specific application isn't available from our stock tooling, please contact us to see if a bespoke tank design will give you the perfect solution.

We welcome all serious enquiries and requests for more details. We look forward to helping you on your next project development.

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