Strong, durable and economical

Product Performance of Rotomoulding

The Rotational Moulding process delivers single piece, seam-free products, ideal for situations demanding leakproof and weather resistant solutions. Threads for caps or inserts for fitting can be moulded in during the manufacturing process, so the integrity of any vessel is maintained.

Further performance benefits include high impact resistance, good load-bearing properties

2 The relative lack of locked in stresses in your Rotomoulded products helps protect them from stress cracking and makes them more durable. Wall thickness can be adjusted to give the mechanical strength necessary for the performance specifications. Coupled with the flexibility to incorporate strengthening design features such as ribs and valleys, that means Rotational Moulding can be physically strong whilst remaining lightweight.

The materials used are normally polyethylene, polypropylene or nylon. Material selection can give Rotational Moulding the chemical and environmental resistance your products need for maximum longevity. Issues of chemical resistance, UV stabilisation and temperature fluctuations can all be addressed to meet specific performance criteria.

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