Whatever the shape –
we can mould the tank

You can minimise secondary manufacturing operations by incorporating metal inserts as part of the Rotational Moulding process

Metal inserts can be incorporated in Rotationally Moulded products. This allows design flexibility and can greatly reduce the amount of secondary machining and finishing required.

The plastic fuses on and around the metal, forming a strong pressure-tight bond with a high level of structural integrity.

Threaded inserts allow fittings to be screwed in and tightened up for leakfree assemblies. Stud inserts or blind hole inserts provide extra strength mounting or attachment points.

(Note: larger thread sizes can be directly Rotomoulded )

Localised reinforcement plates can also be moulded in to the product, giving strength where it is needed.

Features and Benefits that can be Rotationaly Moulded in to your next Design

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